Robot in 3 Days Project Team

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Robot in 3 Days refers to a challenge in which a team builds a legal FIRST Robotics Competition robot within 72 hours after kickoff. This idea started as an initiative by product development company iR3 Creative Engineering in 2013. Since then, a rapid increase in corporate, high school, and collegiate project teams have spawned.
Our student organization's Robot in 3 Days project team launched during the 2020 FRC season and works at the College of Engineering Student Projects Building alongside other OSU Motorsports project teams, behind the Center for Automotive Research. Frequent meetings are held prior to the build during the Autumn semester for planning purposes. Our project team has plans to compete annually at the FIRST Alumni Collegiate Competition.

2020 Ri3D Season

We are excited to participate in our first-ever Robot in 3 Days build! Follow along with our build on social media, and check out all of our documentation here.

Our Goals

We have created our project team based on these specific goals:
  • Encourage continued involvement in FIRST, thus strengthening the presence of our student organization within the FIRST community by filling volunteer and mentor positions across the state of Ohio
  • Focus on prototyping, documentation, and strategic analysis to present to the FIRST community (not necessarily reliving high school days)
  • Allow members to gain project experience and develop individual engineering skills

Get Involved

Applications are now closed to be a part of the 2020 Robot in 3 Days team. All students, staff, and faculty of The Ohio State University are eligible to apply for our Robot in 3 Days project team. Mentors and coaches from local Central Ohio teams are also invited participate in our 72 hour build and network with our team members.
For the 2020 season, the following conditions must be met as a project team member:
  • Have at least 10 documented hours of involvement with FIRST between January 1 and December 31 of the prior year (2019). Involvement includes:
    • Participating in a FIRST team of any level as a student or mentor
    • Volunteering at an official and/or off-season event (e.g. CORI)
    • Outreach or presentations associated with FIRST (e.g. Ohio State Fair, hosting a conference at the FIRST Championship, etc.)
    • Planning an event related to FIRST
  • Commit to mentoring an FRC team during the 2020 FRC season and/or volunteering at a FIRST event before the Autumn semester of 2020
  • Commit to at least one full day of build
  • Complete the necessary paperwork and training to work at the College of Engineering Student Projects Building
Any questions can be directed to our email at