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ENGR 2194: Mentorship in Robotics

Are you interested in mentoring a local FIRST robotics team for credit? Consider enrolling in ENGR 2194! Students will learn both mentorship and robotics fundamentals from both the course instructors as well as senior OSU students engaged with FIRST. Class time will be a mix of lecture and interactive learning modules. This class must be taken as a prerequisite prior to mentoring a local robotics team for credit.

General information
Credit: 1 Credit (not repeatable)
Class number: 36791
Lecture times: Mondays, 6:30 PM - 7:50 PM (streamed via CarmenZoom)
Delivery: Online (synchronous)
Instructors: Christopher Ratcliff (, Saeedeh Ziaeefard (
Teaching assistants: Nishant Chittari, Derek Ho, and Alexis Ronnebaum (
General FAQ
1. What are the prerequisites for taking this class?
All majors are welcome! There are no prerequisites for this class.
2. How do I get credit for mentoring a robotics team?
We are currently working on reviving a course where students can earn 1 to 3 credits every Spring semester for mentoring a local robotics team. You must successfully complete this second session Autumn semester course (ENGR 2194) once before enrolling in the revived class in the Spring semester. Please note that the Spring semester class will not be offered this in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
3. Who teaches the class?
The instructors of record are Dr. Christopher Ratcliff (EED / FABE) and Dr. Saeedeh Ziaeefard (ECE). ENGR 2194 will be taught primarily by student teaching assistants who have an extensive record of experience within the FIRST program as students, mentors, and volunteers. We plan on opening up an application process for future TAs beginning in 2021.
4. Can I get elective credit within my major?
Please check with your advisor to advocate for the case that this course should count as an elective. We are currently working with individual departments to approve the course as an elective.